Deep Blue Life

Deep Blue Life

Deep Blue Life is a downloadable, customizable curriculum option that focuses on living life faithfully. Through Bible stories, stories about faith leaders, and spiritual practices, your elementary aged children will be empowered to take part in God’s great story.

Sessions are available as individual downloads, as 13-session bundles, or as an entire 52-session set.

Choose from these session categories:

  • Spiritual Practices: sessions that help children form habits that connect them with God (such as Silence, Prayer, Unplugging, Worship, Sharing Meals, and Baptism)
  • Cloud of Witnesses: sessions about our faith leaders (such as Francis of Assisi, John Wesley, Harriet Tubman, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and Ruby Bridges)
  • God Is With Us: sessions about real-life topics and how to see God even when life seems hard (such as When We Are Bullied, When We’re Really Angry, When Someone We Love Dies, When We’re Fighting with Our Friends or Siblings)
  • Faith and Culture: sessions about how to remain faithful when culture influences us (such as Media Myths—I have to look like the people I see on TV, Anti-Racism—curiosity and empathy, Who is My Neighbor?—the hungry and thirsty)

Deep Blue Life will create safe spaces for elementary aged kids to dig deeper into the stories of faith, to live life faithfully, and to connect with each other and God.