About Us

Welcome to Deep Blue Kids! I’m Kat, and these are my friends, Asia and Edgar. We’re on a Deep Blue adventure through the Bible. You can find us in the award-winning Deep Blue Kids Bible—and now in the Deep Blue curriculum, a new awe-inspiring resource for children includes adventure, exciting stories, science experiments, arts and crafts, animated video storytelling, and active games—all combined into a living-faith experience that will help children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ today!

Deep Blue Kids exists to reach, empower, and equip children, and those who care for them, with grace-based resources that help them on the journey to:

  • understand themselves as children of God,
  • explore and deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, and
  • love and serve God and neighbor.

Deep Blue provides curriculum for the following age groups:

  • Nursery
  • Preschool
  • Early Elementary
  • Middle Elementary
  • Older Elementary
  • Ages 11+
  • One Room Sunday School
  • Large Group/Small Group

Each weekly adventure begins at church and then continues through the week at home with parent conversation and activity tips both printed and online. You won’t want to miss the free Deep Blue Adventure app that brings me and my friends right to your phone or tablet.

Deep Blue is a comprehensive Bible study. That’s a grown-up term that says we’re going to cover the whole Bible over three years. And we’re also going to celebrate while we do it. Each year will include the Bible stories that go with our special church holidays like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Deep Blue is published by the United Methodist Publishing House in Nashville, Tennessee.

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