Deep Blue Kids Church

An all-inclusive guide that will help you start or enhance your weekly kids church.

This resource will give you some guidance in making your worship time with children a valuable and spiritually forming time, no matter how your community prayerfully chooses to include children in the sanctuary.

Each of the thirteen sessions is intended to somewhat mirror a typical liturgical sequence. The children will gather, hear a “proclamation,” and respond to the story they have heard. Every session includes a worship practice, a reproducible, and a Bible story that corresponds to a session on the optional Adventure DVD.

A Kids Church session is broken down into four segments that are intended to last up to 15 minutes.

This format allows for flexibility for churches who have longer or shorter worship times.

Invite Them Into…

  • An introduction to the family theme for the unit.
  • A Worship Practice that includes an activity that helps the children understand—and learn how to participate in—part of a worship service.

…the Bible

  • An optional DVD Bible story.
  • AN interactive retelling of the Bible story.
  • “What Do You Think?” questions that guide the children in thinking about the story.
  • “Me, Too!” questions that help the children relate the story to what they know and experience.


  • “We Are Part of God's Family!” — Each week, the children will be invited to learn about and experience how God interacts with us through our home and church families.
  • “So What Now?” gives children an opportunity each week to respond to the Bible story and discussion by participating in an activity that serves others and helps them remember the story throughout the week.
  • Songs and prayers.

…Extended Time

  • A guided free play activity and a reproducible page created for use as needed during the session. These activities are perfect for drop-off and pick-up times.

Download a Sample Session