Rotation Stations

Deep Blue Rotation Stations

Deep Blue Rotation Stations Curriculum

Immerse your children in the Bible with a rotational curriculum from Cokesbury! Ideal for churches using a rotation format where children alternate between learning stations each week. Engage children in Bible stories and characters by using your volunteers' skills as artists, cooks, technicians, or fun-loving teachers!

In a rotational learning setting, the same Bible story or theme is taught for several weeks. Each week, learners rotate to a different station. The story remains the same, but children encounter it in different ways in each station. Repetition is an important part of Deep Blue!

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The 7 Deep Blue Rotation stations are:

  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Games
  • Missions
  • Science
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Storytelling/Drama

Below is a list of all available Units. Release dates are provided for upcoming releases. Click title to purchase or for more information.

2016 Releases

2017 Releases

2018 Releases

2019 Releases

  • The Forgiving Father (Available January, 2019)
  • Jesus Lives (Available February, 2019)
  • Best Friends (Available March, 2019)
  • Believers Share (Available April, 2019)
  • Sarah and Isaac (Available May, 2019)
  • David and Abigail (Available June, 2019)
  • Community Forgives (Available July, 2019)
  • Community in the Wilderness (Available August, 2019)
  • Adam and Eve (Available September, 2019)
  • Shepherd's Story (Available October, 2019)
  • Jesus Is Baptized (Available November, 2019)
  • The Servant Girl (Available December, 2019)

2020 Releases

  • Mary Anoints Jesus (Available Janaury, 2020)
  • Thomas Believes (Available February, 2020)
  • Paul Escapes (Available March, 2020)
  • Communities Love (Available April, 2020)
  • Communities Transition (Available May, 2020)
  • Singing for God (Available June, 2020)
  • God's Ongoing Creation (Available July, 2020)
  • Jesus Calms the Storm (Available August, 2020)
  • Finding Peace in Nature (Available September, 2020)
  • Star Child (Available October, 2020)
  • Jesus in the Desert (Available November, 2020)
  • Justice (Available December, 2020)

2021 Releases

  • Jesus Serves (Available Janaury, 2021)
  • Alleluia (Available February, 2021)
  • The Holy Spirit Surprises (Available March, 2021)
  • The Parable of the Soils (Available April, 2021)
  • Love the Hurting (Available May, 2021)
  • God Calls Gideon (Available June, 2021)


All stations are divided into 3 age categories:

  • All Children
  • Younger Elementary
  • Older Elementary

Benefits & Features:

  • For all children grades K-5
  • Works well with the Deep Blue Adventure DVD and Music CD
  • Each unit has 7 stations, so one unit can last up to 7 weeks
  • “Blessings & Birthrights” is FREE so you can try it out!
  • Each station lasts approximately 1 hour
  • Made for Sunday school, but also great for Wednesday nights and summer
  • Allows kids to learn one story in depth
  • Encourages kids to learn in their preferred learning style
  • Easy on volunteers
  • All new activities; no repeats from Deep Blue curriculum
  • CEB-based
  • Only $99 per complete unit (for all 7 stations) or $19.99 per individual station


  1. Do you have separate Leader Guides? Each station has its own lesson guide. Each unit has 7 total lesson guides to be divided between each station.
  2. Do you utilize shepherds in your design? Nothing specifically talks about shepherds, but we are currently writing a Year Two Deep blue Director's Manual (a free download) that will talk about utilizing shepherds in the classroom.
  3. Is there more information for each lesson online such as Bible Background? There isn't a Bible Background document online, but each station session guide has Bible Background.
  4. Do you have teacher training materials? The Year Two Deep Blue Director's Manual will have teacher training materials. The Year One Deep Blue Directors Manual also has training materials and can be found here.