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Deep Blue Babies & Woddlers and Toddlers & Twos Annual Music CD

Music created with Babies & Woddlers/Toddlers & Twos in mind! Show more →

A new, custom CD created just for Deep Blue! Includes sixteen songs such as God Will Take Care of You, Ten Commandments, Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man, and much more! Also includes Instrumental tracks for all songs.


  1. God Will Take Care of You
  2. Little Baby Moses
  3. Ten Commandments
  4. He Is Born
  5. Let's Get Ready
  6. Teach to Me Your Ways
  7. Jesus Told a Story
  8. Do You Know That God Is Love?
  9. Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man
  10. Jesus, Our Friend
  11. Sounds of Easter and Spring
  12. Sing for Joy!
  13. You've Got to Have Faith
  14. God Planned for Fish
  15. Swallows Jonah
  16. Joshua, Joshua
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ISBN: 9781501817045