Submerge: Deep Blue for Tweens

Are your 5th & 6th graders aging out of Deep Blue Kids, but not ready to join your youth group? Meet Submerge, the Deep Blue curriculum for tweens. In Submerge, you’ll find the same trustworthy theology, easy-to-use lessons, and engaging activities, with a focus on the needs of tweens.
Tweens love to test boundaries and ask questions, so Submerge empowers students to read more of the Bible, ask tough questions, and enter into the stories through improvisational drama, deep discussion, and creative activities.
Tweens are starting to ask the question, “Who am I as an individual?”, so Submerge creates plenty of room for individualized exploration. Student journals called Diver’s Logs provide a playful space to reflect on biblical themes, and the Submerge magazine asks students to make connections between biblical faith and modern culture.
Tweens seek out older role models, so the Submerge DVD Navigation Guide features relatable, theologically trained, young adult Navigators to guide your students through the Bible story and help them see its relevance in daily life.
Want to know more about Submerge? Explore samples here.